Samsung Split Air Conditioner 1HP

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Samsung Split Air Conditioner AR09JCFSAWK 1HP at Jumia comes with superb cooling performance. You get to relax in healthy environment as it helps in the removal of excess humidity in the air. You will enjoy cool refresh environment at home and work without stress.


The air conditioner comes in white colour with efficiency and reliable for your home, office or small scale business to make everyone comfortable. The electrical device is designed to offer you cool air which keeps you refresh all day while working at the office or relaxing at home. Samsung Split Air Conditioner AR09JCFSAWK 1HP is reliable after a hot and sunny day.  


The split unit air conditioner comes with great features that allows airflow to be adjusted and not directly to the human body which in turn provide uniform cooling for your space. You get continuous cooling when the main power is low therefore you do not need to worry about the insufficiency of low voltage. Rely on the capacity of the powerful cooling features that is ideal for both hot and cold weather. The unique split air conditioner comes with Sleep Mode setting for comfortable quiet night rest. The split unit AC comes with incredible features that offer you maximum coolness to make you feel refresh. Buy Samsung Split Air Conditioner 

  • Triangle Design
  • Easy Filter
  • 2-Step Cooling
  • Triple Protect Smart

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