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Puj Splash - Newborn Bath Set

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The Splash Newborn Bath Set is the perfect gift for any expecting parent. It contains all the gear you need to bathe and dry a newborn baby. It includes the Flyte, a compact infant bath that fits in your sink allowing you to bathe your baby from an upright position, and also cradles and comforts your baby. We also include the Hug, our hands-free hooded infant towel. It has two silicone tabs that interlock around the neck, allowing you to pick up your baby with two free hands. It's made from thick, ultra-soft cotton and all the parts are completely machine washable. It also includes 3 Puj Nubs, colourful grippe hooks that can be used to hang your bathtub, towel, and other bath accessories from. No installation required--just peel and stick. What would be a bath with out a washcloth? We've included 3 super plush washcloths that are gentle on delicate baby skin.


  • The perfect gift for any expectant parent
  • Contains all the gear you need to bathe and dry a newborn baby.
  • Includes the Puj travel infant bathtub, Hug infant towel, 3 cotton washcloths, and 3 adhesive backed wall hooks
  • Packaged in easy to carry box, with handle


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