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Digital Microwave Oven, Toaster & Kettle Set

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Russell Hobbs Cambridge Brushed Kettle 

  • Stylish brushed stainless steel kettle with black plastic accents
  • Rapid Boil Zone feature that can boil 1 cup in an incredible 45 seconds
  • Water level indicator that denotes 1, 2 and 3 cup volumes
  • Easy to pour spout to cut down on spillage
  • A generous 1.7 litre capacity
  • 360 degree base for easy use by left and right handed people

The Cambridge 20070 stainless steel kettle is ideal for the home or office. It's a classic brushed metal kettle with a super-fast ‘rapid boil zone,’ which allows it to heat up tepid tap water to boiling in just 45 seconds. The Cambridge kettle also has a handy ‘perfect pour’ spout design which helps cut down on spluttering and spilling on your worktop and to help prevent boiling when the kettle is over or under filled, it comes with an internal water indicator. To keep your kettle free from lime scale and to insure you get the perfect cuppa every time, it has a removable, washable filter that you can simply flip out, rinse through and pop back in meaning the Russell Hobbs 20070 Cambridge Brushed Kettle is hygienic, fast and looks great.

Russell Hobbs Futura 2-Slice Brushed and Polished Toaster 

  • Stylish look that’s polished on the front and brushed on the sides
  • Defrost function for toasting frozen bread
  • Cancel function in case you forget to adjust the settings
  • Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • Variable browning control with 7 settings
  • Red indicator lights

The Russell Hobbs 2 Slice Futura Toaster is the perfect toaster for for those who love stylish kitchen appliances but are not willing to compromise on functionality. The Futura comes with slots that can accommodate thick slices of bread, crumpets, buns and bagels, meaning you no longer have to switch on the grill. This versatile toaster also has variable browning control with 7 settings so your toast is the right degree of brown no matter how you like it. It can be set at a higher level for a well-done crunchier bite or at a low level for lighter toasting. It also comes with a handy frozen bread feature that allows you to toast bread straight from frozen, ideal for busy mums and dads who are rushing around in the morning. 

It has a removable, built-in crumb tray that, along with the cord storage, helps keep your work surfaces clean and tidy and a cancel button so you can end the cycle early if needed. As well as coming with a range of clever functions, the Russell Hobbs 18780 Futura 2-Slice Toaster looks great with a stylish polished and brushed stainless steel housing with black trim that looks great in both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Russell Hobbs Silver Digital Microwave

  • Auto-cook
  • Pre-set digital clock
  • Child safety lock on the door
  • 700W
  • 20L
  • Dimensions - 44 x 25.8 x 35.9 cm

The Russell Hobbs is a stylish microwave that comes with a mirror door and silver outer casing. The digital clock can be pre-set allowing you to cook your favourite meals to perfection and the auto-cook lets you make some of your favourite foods such as pizza, fish and popcorn at the push of a button. The 700W power mean your food will be ready in no time and the 20L capacity allows you to prepare larger meals if needs be. The Russell Hobbs also comes with 5 power settings, a removable, dishwasher safe glass turn table and for added safety, it has a child safety lock on the door.
Hints and Tips:

  • Never cook foods with an alcohol content in a microwave as they are highly flammable and can ignite.
  • Low moisture foods such as cereals, bagels, dried pasta, pulses and chocolate are not recommended for use with a microwave but if they are used, cook for a very short time on the lowest power setting.
  • High sugar foods such as jams and syrups should also be cooked on a low setting for a short time as they can easily become ‘super-heated’.
  • Foods with an outer skin such as sausages, potatoes or fruits must be pierced before cooking to allow pressure to escape.

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