About Us

The two most important aspects in giving and receiving a gift, is firstly that the gift is bestowed with thoughtfulness and secondly that it is useful to the receiving party. A gift captures a memory. 

Wrapped is a Bespoke Gift Registry service which assists you in creating Bridal and Baby registries; We are passionate about what we do and therefore are driven about our strategy, services and how we provide them to you. 

Our catalogue is carefully curated and currently contains over 500 items selected from brands all around the world. If you wish to add further specific items to your list, contact us to include specific items to your registry for an even more personalised touch. 

Selfridges, Mega Plaza, Macy's - A variety of localy and internationally sourced gifts which complement an array of lifestyles. 

We can’t wait to celebrate with you, Create your Registry today.

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