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We have some new features on the site. Cash Gifting and Group Gifting - Amazing news we are so excited to share with you. Peep the shout out we sent to our Wrapped family below.


N E W    F E A T U R E S

Receive cash gifts for your special occasion using Wrapped! As this product cannot be added to your registry using the usual process, please follow the instructions. To include a cash gift option on your registry, notify your guests and loved ones by e-mail, word of mouth, printed invitations or the message area on your registry page that a cash gift option is available.
 Here's an example of a message you may include
Hello Friends & Family, We're grateful for all your support during this journey and towards this new chapter. Some of you may have asked about a Cash Gift option, please read how to do so below:
 ・ Search for 'Cash Gift' on the Wrapped website or follow this link
・ Enter the amount you would like to pay in the box next to the Naira sign
・ Add it to your cart
・ On the cart page, scroll to additional comments and include our Registry ID (insert Registry ID) as well as our name.
・ Proceed to check out.
 Other than payment fees paid to the payment gateway during checkout, there are no additional fees and the amount your gifter intends to give to you is exactly the amount you receive.




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