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How's the planning process going? During the craziness of Wedding planning, your registry may get drowned in all the information. Here are a few helpful ways to encourage your guests to pick the gifts from your registry. 


1. An Accessible Registry: Ensure that your registry is accessible, either on your wedding website, your e-rsvps or your bridal shower invitations; This includes visible links or typography clearly stating where you are registered. 
2. Personalise the Experience: Include a short statement or paragraph letting guests know why you registered with Wrapped and why some of these items matter.



3. Flirt with the prices: It's a great idea to choose products and activities at different price points so you give your guests a varied option of things that fit their budget. 


4. Groupie Love: Introduce your guests to our new Group Gifting feature. Sometimes it takes a village!


5. Wedding Invitations: You can slip a 'Registry Card' the size of an access card into your Invitation suite sharing your registry information with guests and thanking them for their kind gesture in advance. 


6. Pre-Wedding Events: If you have any events coming up before the big day (Bridal Shower, Engagement Dinner), this is a great opportunity to immerse your registry information into your decor and inform/remind your guests.


7. Wrapped E-mails: In the same breath as update emails go out, you can slip in a reminder about your registry details in there. Our new Group Gift and Cash Gift features are a great opportunity to reach out. We can send these updates out for you for a really teeny fee, contact us to find out more. 


8. Spread the Word: Ask your parents, wedding party and close friends to spread the word about your registry.


9. Thank You Emails: After the event, you may send out Thank you Emails showing your gratitude for your guests' well wishes and wedding gifts and remind those who inquired about gifts that you have a registry on Wrapped. 


A Few Reminders

  • Your registry can stay open for up to 6 months after the wedding date.
  • This is a very special time in your life.
  • Guests can pay with local and international cards.
  • Guests can pay via Pay Pal.
  • Guests may pay in their local currency; We call this our FOREX SWERVE.
  • We have new products, please check them out here.
  • You can let us know any products you may like us to add by telling us here.

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