About Us

The two most important aspects in giving and receiving a gift, is firstly that the gift is bestowed with thoughtfulness and secondly that it is useful to the receiving party. A gift captures a memory. 

Wrapped is a Bespoke Gift Registry service which assists you in creating Bridal and Baby registries; We are passionate about what we do and therefore are driven about our strategy, services and how we provide them to you. 

Our catalogue is carefully curated and currently contains over 500 items selected from brands all around the world. If you wish to add further specific items to your list, Wrapped has the perfect option for you; our Bespoke Services allow you to select specific items to add to your registry for an even more personalized touch. 

Selfridges, The Aga Concept, Macy's - A variety of localy and internationally sourced gifts which complement an array of lifestyles.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you, Create your Registry today.

How it Works

Amazing! Planning has started for your special occassion, so head over to Wrapped and create your registry.

While registering, enter your event information so your guests can be informed and keep updated.

Visit the Wrapped catalogue on the site and add items to your registry as you would with a shopping cart! As an introductory offer, our bespoke services are also free so you can choose items from any store to add to the registry.

While registering, you may nominate a day and address of delivery. All your orders will be delivered at the same, unless otherwise stated (extra charges incured)

Why Register

Gifts you will love. you did choose them

No household needs 5 of the same goat. With Wrapped, only expect how many you ask for, no repeat items (unless you want to)

What's an international gift list. Add items from your list also found at John Lewis, Macy's, Selfridges & Co, Crate & Barrel, and many more delivered to your door.

Starting a new chapter can be hard on the wallet. Friends and family provide the gift of love and Wrapped delivers it.

Group Gifting: What is good for the goose: Guests can split the bill on certain items - making it more pocket friendly for your friends and family

Free delivery on your items. Yes, that's regardless of its origin - any continent. free delivery.

You can register for activities too! Cooking classes, yoga classes, paintballing, a museum pass, lamas class - Unique gifts, yes please!

Change your mind at any time. Maybe you want 4 speakers instead of 2. At no extra charge, log in to your registry and amend it.

Brands We Love

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